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After seeing this at the Ducks and Lemurs LJ, it inspired me to try my own... with thanks and apologies to the originator of the template utilized here. This is a character reference post, tailored specifically for upcoming projects, commissions, trades etc.

It's been under wraps for a bit, in terms of development of the characters and storylines, but the main elements are there at least. In this universe live a group of funny tween animals that walk among human characters and communicate with some talking animals. So, in the tradition of classic TV, they are the only group of humanoid critters in their world and nobody would give it a second thought. XD

Just a note: For this series, the main animal characters are drawn in a borderlined humanoid style with human body proportions. They walk upright, talk, and wear clothing. It's very much similar to characters from books like Mr. Toad, Stuart Little and Babar. Costuming in verbatim is encouraged, with exceptions.


Digby Spader
Species: Groundhog (Marmota monax)
Gender: Male
Description: The main antagonist of the group. He has brown fur with light brown hands/feet/muzzle, dark brown snout, and a big overbite. Has a human mop top with small brown ears poking out of the sideburns. In my drawings, Digby has only four fingers on each hand, a stocky build and a wardrobe consisted of a green shirt over a white t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and semi-transparent eyeglasses. Clearer lenses are encouraged.
Personality: Friendly, booksmart and courteous to others.

Ref pic

Own drawings

Examples by others

Groundhog ref

Morey DiRusso
Species: Forest Polecat (Mustela putorius)
Gender: Male
Description: This cool cat has standard ferrety fur markings with a dark brown mask/hands/feet/ears, dark grayish snout, and orange hair on his head. Like Digby and the others, he's only got four fingers on each hand. Morey sports a brown porkpie hat, a green and yellow T-shirt over a gray long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans and skater shoes. Feel free to draw your own interpretation.
Personality: Easy going, down to Earth and full of life!

Ref pic

Own drawings

Examples by others

Polecat ref


More to come...

Inked Line-Art Offer - ACT NOW

I'm opening five slots for single-character inks like the samples shown here for $8. This will be for the financing of a new webcam this week. Who knows, you might see your piece made live on UStream. On that note, I'll be taking PayPal payments and if they can be made as quickly as possible, that would be great.

If you're interested, comment below! I'll then send you payment details. Pass it on; I might do more. Thanks.

Toon Artist Hot List
Courtesy of Popufur.com

--The A List--
Tanidareal - 8
Spunky - 28
Kuma - 129
Touch My Badger - 150
Cooner - 158
Trufflehog - 201
Mary Mouse - 239
Katmomma - 539
Raccoon Drew - 542
Nick Wolf - 583
Kipper - 626
Shenanigan - 727
Cameroo - 875
Mochi - 878

--The B List--
kkitty23 - 882
Henrieke - 921
Nanook123 - 953
Soundhound - 1062
Babs - 1256
Snapai - 1512
YuchidaYena - 1272
Goldenrod - 1536
Titash - 2359
Karpour - 2894
EmoRottie - 2919
Yamavu - 4788
Jedd Marten - 4901
Mr. Top Dog - 5617

--The C List--
Brown Wolf - 5644
SuperStinkWarrior - 6421
Isabella Price - 7051
Amarafox - 7063
Kresblain - 7275
Blue Eyed Wolf - 9809
Raptorbane - 11408
Nicoface - 14031
Folgers - 14455
ItsaMoose - 22220
Greevixor - 25690
Billy Fore - 32549
Fast and Delicious - 36094
Kougo - 60784
Ustreaming a few Photoshop things for a while. I'll be broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/5iey

For those not already registered, you are encouraged to use the nickname protocol in the chat. Just type [b]/nick YourName[/b] to identify yourself to other watchers. I'll be working on commissions, so drop on by!

Birthday Greetings to Rasta Raccoon

This piece was made for Rasta Raccoon, wishing her a happy belated birthday. Here's to you, dude.

Happy Birthday, Rasta
by ~Kresblain on deviantART

Happy Birthday

Good morning. Just sending special birthday wishes to two swell guys... J.R. (the mind of Poink T. Weasel) and Atkelar of TV's Funday Pawpet Show. Here's to being one year older, heh heh.

Up Premiere Snapshot

A must-see...

Head of story Ronnie Carmen, production designer Ricky Nierva... on Twitpic

Head of story Ronnie Carmen, production designer Ricky Nierva, and Dug the dog on the Disney lot.